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                          Robert Livingstone


Early retirement was not an option. Instead, as a former magazine publisher, serial entrepreneur, CEO, I chose to pursue a long-time passion: making movies. 

First, I wrote a couple of screenplays. Then I quickly learned that the producers I encountered weren’t looking for scripts; they were looking for funds.

And since then, besides writing*, I have worked hard to develop a reliable and continuing funding source. Not an easy task. I know what many producers have gone through to see their projects get to the screen.

This is an ongoing exercise.  

If you’re a producer with a business plan or pitch deck and a budget, we’ll try to help. A great script, of course, is the essential foundation. 

*To see what I’ve written, go to

Projects in Development or Preproduction

East of Yuma

Yuma City Marshal tracks down the killers of his uncle and deputy.

Director: Thadd Turner

Writers: D.J. Duncan (book)  

Thadd Turner (screenplay) 

Producers: Cynthia L. Turner, Thadd Turner

Executive Producer: Robert Livingstone

Cinematographer: Teddy Smith

Editor: Corky Ehlers 

Minors in Business

Four millennials struggle in their careers and decide to open a babysitting company. To grow the business, they offer the children a cut of their babysitting fees if they convince their parents to hire the company. The children’s level of business savvy proves to match their level of high jinks.

Gregory Pellerito: Writer, Director, Producer

Rob Margolies: Producer

Wain Bradley: Producer, Film Editor, Sound Designer

Robert Livingstone: Executive Producer

MariAnne Conlon: Executive Producer

Tim Carney: Associate Producer

Silent Voice

Unable to speak, young Jason meets beautiful young Ella who helps him find his voice through sign language, empowering him to battle for his life, his love, and his dream to become a rapper. 

Location: New Orleans, LA

Director: Monti Sharp

Producer: Arlene Knight

Executive Producer: Robert Livingstone

Executive Producer: MariAnne Conlon

Executive Producer: Monti Sharp

Line Producer: Dianne Cornell

Director of Photography: Patrick Cady

Production Coordinator: Carole Bidault d’Lisle

Principal Cast:

Academy Award Winner Marlee Matlin

Nia Long

Wendell Pierce